In cooperation with the European Union accredited laboratories make verification and calibration of electronic and mechanical scales with I, II, III, IV accuracy class for capacities up to 60 tons.

Services make in the "SVARU PASAULE" building by the address Ganību dambis 22C, Rīga, or at the place of use of the scale.

Available services:

  • calibration of the non-automatic scales;
  • re-verification of the non-automatic scales;
  • EC verification of the non-automatic scales;
  • EC unit verification.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvian Republic No. 180 "Rules of evaluating the use of non-automatic scale" a verified scales have to use in the following areas:

3.1.1. determination of the mass for commercial transactions;
3.1.2. etermination of the mass, to calculate duties, tariffs, taxes, premiums, penalties, compensation and similar payments;
3.1.3. determination of the mass in the case of drawing up regulations, as well as expert opinions submitted to the court;
3.1.4. determination of the mass in medicine to assess and monitor the patient's physical development, the diagnosis of disease and determine treatment;
3.1.5. determination of mass for making prescription drugs, as well as determination of the mass in the analysis, to conduct medical examinations and pharmaceutical laboratories;
3.1.6. determination of mass for the calculation of the price in the trade and packaging of goods;